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Air Conditioning has undoubtedly become an essential component in many of today’s businesses, and if installed and maintained to a high standard then it will reward you with trouble free service and as a leading company within the heating and air conditioning sector our spectrum of clients go from small businesses to worldwide corporate businesses.
We can offer tailor made packages to suit your requirements whether it is design, installation or maintenance we can also offer a 24/7/365 emergency response on all critical equipment.
As we are all aware of the inherent situation of global warming we are all being advised to reduce our carbon footprint and with this in mind Nia-Con Ltd offer a first class service in making sure your equipment is running at its most efficient capabilities and we endeavor
to install high CoP equipment.

Keeping Your Environment Friendly

Installation - Coefficient of Performance (CoP)

Most modern air-conditioning systems heat as well as cool and these systems are referred to as heat pumps whether it be air soured or ground sourced, and the higher the CoP the more efficient the system.
For example a 2000w electric fire will use 8.33amps to supply you with heat, but should a heat pump run at 8.33amps the heat output could be as high as 9360w in the heat cycle
and 7087w of cooling. With this in mind 2Kw’s of heat from a heat pump will use as little as 2.5amps which equates to 600w of power consumption and as you can your carbon
footprint and energy bills can be vastly reduced.

Cost Savings

As air source heat pumps offer such energy efficient heating, the Government offers
financial incentives to people adopting this technology.
Incentives include only 5% VAT on heat pump installations in residential accommodation
and for some charitable purposes, tax incentives and interest free loans for businesses.
This together with the potential for significant savings (typically between 30% and 50%)
on your heating bills makes heat pumps systems an extremely attractive investment for
your home or workplace.
For larger businesses there may be enhanced capital allowances available if the equipment is approved and has low carbon benefits.

Renewable Energy Technology - Environmentally Friendly

Air Source Heat Pumps are classified as a renewable energy technology, because they extract heat from a renewable source – the air around us!

These systems are also low carbon technology, which can work in conjunction with other
low carbon technologies such as micro generators, photovoltaic or solar heating panels.

Reserves of conventional fossil fuels are finite and emissions of Carbon Dioxide and other greenhouse gases add increasingly to the effects of climate change. As a low carbon technology, heat pumps can significantly reduce the UK’s Carbon Dioxide emissions.


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